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аIn the contemporary world a number ofа artists around the glob have shown interest in depicting ancient myths, symbolic and mystical subjects with new interpretations and styles.а Pollution of nature resulted in the development of movements in society and art and the revival of past mystical paths in which nature was sacred and it was believed to be a manifestation of God. These attitudes reflected inа global movements, such asа Postmodernism andа Feminism and as well asа contemporary art.аа There are artists who intend to show an imaginary and ideal world, one that is not an imitation of the material world. Many contemporary artists, in their works show Goddesses of fertility.а These works give new interpretations of past symbols and introduce the traditional aesthetic of the past in a new style.аа introduces selected works ofа Iranian contemporary artistа Dr. A. Nadalian. His worksа includingа carved stones, statues,а Installations,аа drawings, paintings, cartoons, fabrics , photographs andа Ritual Artаа This site also shows works by international artists whose works contain aа mystical approach.а а The artists of the "Celestial Mirror" in MysticalArt.Net have been classified according to the zodiac signs of their month of birth.аа This site includes virtual galleries which exhibits the peaceful and joyful artistic works of contemporary artists.ааThese galleries introduces the symbolic manifestation ofа space, dream, angel and tree of lifeа in contemporary art.ааа Anahita Gallery exhibits the works which show female subjects in symbolic style.аа Mithra Gallery exhibits the works which are created based on ancient myths.а This site is interested in working with people, organizations, museums, and galleries around the globe and developing artistic experiences.а Exhibition and presentations of these works can also be a field for cultural exchange.

RiverArt.netа is another web site which displays the works ofа Dr. A. Nadalian.а His work covers a variety of techniques: carved rock,а rock installations, video installations and land art at the Haraz River and Caspian Sea in Iran. He has also presented his concepts in animations, videos, multimedia art, ritual performances and body art. The inspiration provided by ancient myths, Zodiacal signs, symbolic and mystical subjects is clearly seen in new interpretations and styles.а This series is composed of carved rocks that have been abandoned at the site where they were created.аааа


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