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The International Center for Creation and exhibition of† Art in Nature††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Persian††††† ›«—”Ū

"Paradise" is a permanent gallery and an international center.† This center tries to identify and invite international artists to create and display their works here in Iran.†† One of the main goals of this center is to create peace and harmony between humans and nature.† It also creates an arena and allows these activities to have an international impact on the art scene.†In a country which there is no any Residential Center, Paradise provides a platform where artists can collaborate, develop ideas and gain shared insights and different approach to making art.† This center is located in "Paradise Garden", adjacent to Golpar Spring in the village of Poloor.†

Poloor†-††† Paradise† Garden†† 2002

Poloor is a vacation destination for many during the summer months.† Situated between Tehran and Amol (65th kilometer of Haraz Road), this village has many attractions.† Being close to Mount Damavand, the climate in this village is extremely favorable in the months during spring and summer.† Its lush green valleys, many springs and rivers (the source for Haraz River), Gol-Zard Cave, and the local tribe and indigenous people are some of the reasons why thousands make this their vacation spot during the summer.

Poloor† 1985

The main body of work so far performed and created in this village has been River Art.† This beautiful natural environment has created the backdrop for the stone-carvings of Ahmad Nadalian.† Since he began his activity a few years ago, many artists and visitors have come here to view his work.† In addition, everyday thousands of people visit his site RiverArt.Net.

In 2002, at the 8th International Association of Residential Arts Centers meeting, this center was introduced by Dr. Nadalian and thus became one of its locations.† As of the year 2003, international artists will be invited to visit this center and choose to create works of art.†

Artists wishing to create and display their works in nature are invited to submit their requests, previous work history and proposals for this project by e-mail.†† The management of "Paradise" and other critics in the field of land art will choose applicants based on their previous work experience and proposed project for this site.†

Poloor is extremely cold during autumn and winter.† The favorable months of stay at this center are therefore during the spring and summer.† The period of residence is anytime between June and August, for fifteen days.

Currently this center contains a small villa and a three storied building.† It will be possible to house some artists a year at this center and Iranian artists and visitors will be able to witness the created works.† These works will also be made available to the public on the Internet and as multimedia format CDs.

Anyone wishing to view the works in this village may contact the manager at ++98 or† send e-mail to .

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Director: Dr. A. Nadalian
ĢAssistant: T. D. Manshadi

Cellular Telephone: ++(98)†
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