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Lynette Wallworth

Australian artist Lynette Wallworth has worked in photography, short film, installation and performance... More

The International Center for Creation and exhibition of Art in Nature

"Paradise" is a permanent gallery and an international center. This center tries to identify and invite international artists to create and display their works here in Iran. One of the main goals of this center is to create peace and harmony between humans and nature. It also creates an arena and allows these activities to have an international impact on the art scene. This center is located in "Paradise Garden", adjacent to Golpar Spring in the village of Poloor. More

Paradise Online Publication

The Online Publication of Paradise features contemporary Iranian art from Iran and throughout the world. It includes selected news concerning Iranian art and introduces international movements and works to the young artists of Iran. Using virtual galleries, pictures and articles, Iranian art from the past is displayed alongside the peaceful and joyful artistic works of contemporary artists. Most of the information will be published on the web in both Persian and English. However, since there is already a lot of information available about international movements and artists in other languages, such as English, these will be only presented in Persian.
The centre is interested in working with people, organizations, museums, galleries and centres for Iranian studies around the globe, and in developing artistic experiences with them. We hope that the exhibition and presentation of these works will create a space for cultural exchange and dialogue among nations.


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